↟ Break Away Tale NR 113 //  @candcvanlife

Hi there, this is Chad, Crystal and Koa 🐶. 

We purchased our van September 2016 form a sweet old guy in Arizona, who initially set it up for dog shows, but circumstances changed and he was not able to fulfill his dream. We initially got this as our second vehicle. It is a 2011, 144 wheel base and had less than 9k miles on it.⠀
We built and installed our bed because we wanted to use it as a camper too. Next came our overhead cabinets.⠀

We soon found out that our rent in the condo we were living in was going to be raised yet again. We applied at a few rentals but just got fed up with the high rental prices in Orange County. So we decided to take charge of our life and live it on our terms. A year and 3 months from purchase we we living in it.⠀

Our motto became “we are sticking it to the man and living in the van.” Once we decided that this was not just going to be our second vehicle/camper but our home we built our kitchen. When I say “we” I actually mean Chad, he has built everything in our van with his own two hands. We are still finishing up some of the build while living in it but we are almost done.⠀

We named our van “Vivi” from the Spanish word “vivir” which means “to live”. Vivi is a reminder of the simple life we want ‘to live’. She gives us a place ‘to live’ as well as a great life ‘to live’ full of adventure.⠀

So far it has been such an enriching experience. Realizing how little we actually need to live on helps us keep things in perspective. We are in our 6 month of van life and loving it!