↟ Break Away Tale NR 188 // @bitesizetravels

We are Maggie & Dom, originally from NYC and London, respectively. We met after both moving to San Francisco, CA 4.5 years ago. We love to travel at every opportunity - from Japan, to Iceland, to Costa Rica, and everything in between. But we share a growing list of places to experience, sights to marvel at, food to taste, and people to meet. It was hard not to feel restless, because the world is massive, and working full time often meant traveling had to fit within holidays, long weekends, or paid vacation time (~3 weeks in the U.S).⠀

We decided we would be happiest if we prioritized shaping our lives around travel, rather than shaping travel around work. Funny enough, we were also out-bid for a house in the Bay Area and sighed a breath of relief, dropping the plan altogether. Bought a used 2008 Dodge Sprinter instead and with zero experience, managed to convert it to an off-grid home-on-wheels. We ended our apartment lease, and minimized many of our belongings. We are fortunate to work in the technology space, and have found ways to work part-time & remote while on the road (thank you, coffee shops). This trip we had planned was a great forcing factor to push us in this direction.⠀

In July, we set off with our van (Bernie) to explore the US, and have had an amazing 4.5 months so far. Being able to see so many beautiful places has reinforced that we made the right choice. Giving up some of the comforts of everyday life has helped remind us that many things are luxuries, not necessities. We consume less, waste less, and smile more. While there were nights where we got on each other’s nerves in such a small space, or the van was having issues, it was always a temporary problem. We knew we could overcome it. The trade-off was better than dreaming about traveling extensively, and never taking the chance to do it. ⠀

We’re already trying to plan some van travel in Europe next year, and South America in the future. And best of all, will be adding a new best friend (a dog) to our van in the spring!