↟ Break Away Tale NR 174 //  @ash__pollard

I've never really been one for the 9-5 life. I respect the people that are happy to do that but it's just not for me. For the past 5 years I have worked in the nightlife industry as a photographer which I absolutely love but there was always something missing, I couldn't work out What it was for a long time. I never felt totally happy with the life I was living. I had the money, the flash car, nice clothes. I worked my ass off for all this "stuff" and would sit down, look around me and just think "What's the point?"🤷‍♂️⠀

I needed a drastic change to my whole lifestyle or would just end up self destructing. So, much to the confusion of the people around me I went and bought a rusted out Iveco Daily van for £1000 and set about turning my ideas into reality with what is now often referred to as "The Beast" ⠀
It took nearly a year to build and went through a couple of versions to get where it is now but finally it's how I pictured it.⠀

I took it for a trip all over Scandinavia for about 3 months last year and it was absolutely incredible. I learnt a lot about the lifestyle and how living in a van could actually be a possibility. After another 3 month stint in France / Switzerland earlier this year I decided to come back to England, sort out all of my crap and move into the van full time. Yet again, just like when I built the thing everyone looked at me like I'm insane. But you know what? I couldn't care less! Being in the mountains in my little home on wheels, watching the sun set every evening and sipping coffee on the roof deck while I watch it rise in the morning brings me so much joy every day, I couldn't even begin to describe those feelings to you. I've finally found my happy place and its all stemmed from one ridiculous idea I had 3 years ago.⠀