↟ Break Away Tale NR 117 // @annandlotusthetruck

Hi I’m Ann from Costa Rica… an empty nester at 47, British born and living in paradise since I was 10. In 2014 I moved to Western Colorado and had a taste of the best⠀adventure life anybody could experience. Living at 8,000ft I had hiking and biking trails at my door, rafting, camping, backpacking, you name it.⠀

As I made my way back to Costa Rica in 2016 I realized how little I had seen of my⠀own home country. I work online, which means I can work from anywhere and⠀“home” just had a whole new meaning to me. At that moment I knew it was time to⠀work on my adventure-mobile and that’s when I purchased my new truck and⠀rigged it up for camping.⠀

It took me a long time to realize that being outdoors is what truly makes me happy.⠀Finding that perfect spot to camp, waking up on the beach and sipping my coffee.⠀Being on the road, exploring waterfalls, new beaches, hiking trails, be it alone or with friends, there’s really nothing like it.⠀Most people in my country think it’s weird that I travel alone, but once they see me⠀camping they wish they could do the same. Based on that I started the first women only overlanding group in Costa Rica “Roaming Ticas”, it’s been amazing to inspire other women to get out there and camp, even if they just have a small car and a tiny tent.⠀

Taco my chi-pin dog is always with me, his tiny legs can hike for miles and he’s a sucker for digging holes on the beach and kayaking. Life is short and there’s no time⠀like today to focus on what truly lights up our soul. I’m currently upgrading my setup to a full-on custom made camper for my truck, counting the days to have more “commodities” and be able to spend more time on the road!