↟ Break Away Tale NR 62 // @adventuresofsyl

We’re Alec and Becca, plus our two dogs Syl and Gus and we’ve just returned home from an incredible 10 month adventure exploring Europe.⠀

We decided to take the plunge after I (Becca) was made redundant and Alec was allowed a years sabbatical. We’d had the idea of converting a van for a while and this was exactly what we needed to push us into making that first step and we’re so glad we did! The feeling of travelling around inside the little rolling home you’ve built is absolutely indescribable. ⠀

Being able to visit all these amazing places and then come back after a days exploring to your own cozy home no matter where you are in the world, is such a brilliant way to travel. Plus (a big plus for us) it makes travelling with a dog so much easier - so easy in fact we doubled the fun (and the mischief) when we found Gus on the side of the road while driving through Montenegro.⠀

After an amazing summer and then ski season in the Alps we’re back home and already can’t wait to explore what the UK has to offer - and plan our next trip further afield!