↟ Break Away Tale NR 206 // @adventures_in_huck_phinn

Hey, I’m Aubrey. My pup, Ike, & I live in a 1985 Toyota Dolphin named Huck Phinn. Oh, and I hand-make leather goods right here out of the camper!! (link in my bio.)⠀

To be perfectly honest... I never planned on traveling this way. I never expected to be a solo female traveler. Though I’m proud of leaping into the unknown by myself, I never really wanted to have to. ⠀

You see, the love of my life passed away a few short months ago. We set off on a grand adventure together- but he surfed his way into heaven and I came home on a plane.⠀

Then I bought Huck Phinn. Not only do I want to explore the states, but I also want to explore my grief and be fully present with my joy. ⠀

I’m still not sure what this “vanlife” adventure looks like for me and half the time I feel like I must be doing it wrong. I won’t always have perfect pictures for you to scroll through, and my captions might end up a little too raw. ⠀

My dude inspired so many people to enjoy every day- all with a huge smile on his face. So if you find any inspiration from me to leap into YOUR unknown a little more fearlessly, then I feel like my man’s legacy lives. And that’s all I’m really looking for 💙⠀