↟ Break Away Tale NR 135 // @advanture.lovers

Hi, we are Laura and Tom! VANlifer, Roadtripper, Travelcouple, Outdoors at home and addicted to Freedom.⠀
On the road through southern Europe, just to find out what life is good for.⠀

Our new self-determined life begins this year, when we gave up our office jobs in Germany - Tom worked as an engineer an I (Laura) as a marketeer - and put independence at the top of our priority list. Thus, a Fiat Ducato became our rolling home, travel dreams became destinations and our everyday life has changed to a nomad life on the road.⠀

Why did we decide to break away? We asked ourselves: Would we live our lives the same way if we did not have to worry about money? The answer was: NO! What makes us happy? The answer was: TRAVEL! Two simple questions, simple answers, but after that comes a threshold where many others stop: You have to do what you dream of! We did it and want to motivate all dreamers to try it too. If we can do it, everyone else can! We are normal people with the normal dream of a fulfilled life! And we believe that we all have two lives - the second begins when we realize that we have only one. ⠀