↟ Break Away Tale NR 192 // @girl.in.vanderland

Hi my name is Lisa and I’m a 26 year old vangirl from Belgium. ⠀

I have been on the road for almost a year now and when I first started my journey, I didn’t know what to expect; would I feel lonely? Would I return home after 2 à 3 months? But maybe the most important question was: would life on the road be something for me? With certainty I can say that adapting my life to living in a tiny space while discovering new places, cultures and believes, has been a universal change for me and is most definitely ‘something’ for me.⠀

The orginal plan was to travel all over Europe in one year, but almost right away I knew this would be an impossible quest if I wanted to take my time and not rush around like a crazy person while making myself more stressed than before I left. So I decided to focus my journey on the south of Europe. I started along the Atlantique coast of France, drove further down the coast to Santiago Compostela. Explored Portugal and went back into Spain, where my trip went criss-cross around the country: From Andalusia to Madrid and back again to the coast. I made it back to France, where I skipped the cotê d’Azur because it was just too crowded and drove right to the mountains in Italy, Süd-Tirol. My summer months were dedicaded to living la dolce vita, my van took me to the south of Italy, Apulia.⠀

Where I took the boat to Greece, and it is also where I’m at the moment. My ‘end point’ is going to be Croatia. Than I’m going home for a month or 3 to make sure my van will be back in order!⠀
And after,... we will see. Probably back on the road.⠀