↟ Break Away Tale NR 176 //  @8feetonwheels

Hey there! ⠀
We are two humans with their two dogs traveling through Europe as long as fun, laughter and love will keep us going. ⠀
We quitted our jobs like so many Vanlifer... And build our campervan "Irna" like even more of us did, right? We started to explore Europe for some months like okay... , it sounds like a kind of boring story?⠀

But we travel with the best dogs ever and all our plans, routes and daily life depend on them. We are sharing the ups and downs, the good and the bad vibes. Even our van is designed by them. And we're so proud that we did all with our own hands, no one else ever touched our Transit. ⠀
(okay, some fights could have been avoided😅) ⠀
We survived the breakdown of the engine which took all of our time for the buildout. ⠀

But hey, look where we are now! ⠀
We explore. We hike. We play. We cry. We laugh. We love. We all have the heart of a wild child.